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 * In all ports of Turkey,
 * 7 days 24 hours,
 * With Trained and Experienced Engineer Service Staff,
 * With Guaranteed Original Spare Parts,
 * APT Service for Sperry Marine VDR Models,
*With The Accumulation Of Experience Since 1981
  We are at your service ....................................... 

APT Sperry VDR
Voyage Master II(S)
Voyage Master III(S)
Voyage Master IV(S)

APT Sperry VDR
Our Service Engineers periodically attend the trainings organized by Sperry Marine.

We go to the service with the necessary spare materials and 95% of the problems are solved at the first time.

Original spare materials are used during the service.
Our recommendations,
* Use original spare material in terms of performance.
* Perform the periodic maintenance specified in the user manual of the devices.
* Prefer authorized services because of their training and experience.
* Replace parts due to timeout in a timely manner.
The recommended Gyro maintenance period is 1 year.

Sperry Marine World Wide Service List

Sperry Marine World Wide Service List

Sperry Marine World Wide Service List

Sperry Marine World Wide Service List

Main Models of the Devices We Provide Technical Service,

Radarlar & ECDIS,
Vision Master - FT
Vision Master - FT ECDIS
Bridge Master - E
Bridge Master II
BT360 - BT500
ARPA 1690
ARPA 2490 MT
ARPA 2690 BT
RM 1290A
RM 1070A
RD 170/270/370 BT
RD 60, RD 80, RD 90
RM 914, RM916
RMS1230C, RM1226
Gyro Compass,
Navigat 100
Navigat 200
Navigat 2500
Navigat 3500

C-Plath Navigat X Mod10 MK1
C-Plath Navigat X Mod10 MK2
C-Plath Navigat II
C-Plath Navigat III
C-Plath Navigat XII
Sperry Marine SR180
Sperry SR120, SR130
Sperry SR220, MK-10
Anshütz Standart 20
Anshütz Standart 22

Auto Pilot,
Sperry Marine Navipilot 4000
 C-Plath Navipilot V
 C-Plath Navipilot V HSC
 C-Plath Navipilot AD II
 V-Plath Navipilot II EL
 Decca 450
 Decca 550
 Decca 650
 Decca 680
 Decca 750

Magnetic Compass,
Certified Compass Allocation and Repair,

MX420, MX421


Voyage Master II
Voyage Master II(S)

Voyage Master III

Voyage Master III(S)

Voyage Master IV

Voyage Master IV(S)
Speed Log,
Sperry Marine Naviknot 350
 Sperry Marine Naviknot 450
 Sperry Marine Naviknot 600
 Sperry Marine SRD331
 Sperry Marine SRD500
 C-Plath Naviknot III
 C-Plath Naviknot 400

 Echo Sounder,
 Sperry ES5000
 Sperry ES5100

 ... and other navigation and navigational communication devices.


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