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  Sperry Marine World Wide Service List
* All Turkish Ports
* 7 day 24 hours

 * With Trained Service Engineers

 * With Original Spare Parts

 * Good Experience Since 1981 
Our suggestion,

*Use Original Spare Parts for Improving  Performance.
* Make Maintenance Periodically.

* Call Representative Service Because of  Experience and Training.
Vision Master - FT
Bridge Master - E
Bridge Master II
BT360 - BT500
ARPA 1690
ARPA 2490 MT
ARPA 2690 BT
RM 1290A
RM 1070A
RD 170/270/370 BT
RD 60, RD 80, RD 90
RM 914, RM916
RMS1230C, RM1226 ..

Gyro Compass,
C-Plath Navigat X Mod10 MK1
C-Plath Navigat X Mod10 MK2
C-Plath Navigat II
C-Plath Navigat III
C-Plath Navigat XII
Sperry Marine SR180
Sperry SR120, SR130
Sperry SR140
Sperry SR220, MK-10
Sperry MK-20
Anshütz Standart 4
Anshütz Standart 6
Anshütz Standart 12
Anshütz Standart 14
Anshütz Standart 20
SG BROWN 1000 ...
Gylot 101
Gylot 102
Yokogowa  Hokushin
Auto Pilot,
Sperry Marine Navipilot 4000
 C-Plath Navipilot V
 C-Plath Navipilot V HSC
 C-Plath Navipilot AD II
 V-Plath Navipilot II EL
 Decca 450
 Decca 550
 Decca 650
 Decca 680
 Decca 750

Magnetic Compass,
Calibration & Certificate

MX420, MX421

R4, R5


  Speed Log,
Sperry Marine Naviknot 350
 Sperry Marine Naviknot 450
 Sperry Marine Naviknot 600
 Sperry Marine SRD331
 Sperry Marine SRD500
 C-Plath Naviknot III
 C-Plath Naviknot 400

 Echo Sounder,
 Sperry ES5000
 Sperry ES5100

 ... and other navigation equipment


Voyage Master II
Voyage Master II(S)
Voyage Master III
Voyage Master III(S)


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